Plastic Crusher & PP Resin High Speed Mixer
Plastic Crusher & PP Resin High Speed Mixer
ATC Series Jacquard weaving machine For Decoration PP mat carpet FEATURES (ATC900 36" ATC1200 48" ATC1800 72" ATC2750 108" Mat width ) Machine rotation is faster than that of the previous model Weft PP Pipes are automatically fed by feed roll. In a jacquard system, PP pipes are selected by design cards , which makes it possible To weave variously designed PP mats. The operator can easily change the design by Replacing the design card. One worker can operate 4 to 6 jacquard weaving machines Models equipped with left and right 2-Color Feeders are available for weaving2 to 4 colored PP mats.

Automatic Thickness Adjustable Device This device is for feeding warp thread automatically from the warp beam. Mat length (thickness) is freely adjustable. Feeder for weft PP pipe Feeder capacity is 1.5 times larger than that of the previous model. Which makes it possible to place and stock more PP pipes in the hopper and also makes it very easy to insert pp pipes into the feeder.


Model ACM250 ACM300 ACM360
Power 7.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW
Rotating Blades QTY 2PCS 1PC 3PCS
Fixed Blades QTY 5PCS
Blade Size(mm) 250MM 300MM 360MM
Crushing PP Size 8MM 8MM 8MM
Crushing Capacity 100KGS/hour 180KG/hour 200KGS/hour
Dimensions (mm) 105X80X137CM 130X110X160CM 130X120X160CM
Net weight(kg) 400KGS 600KGS 650KGS